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Xenion Lexicon (with CD-Rom)


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XENION LEXICON was developed for English speakers who visit Greece and Cyprus and want a concise tool, a guide, whereby they can look up the meanings of words and find out how to say some key phrases in Greek. XENION LEXICON's structure allows the easy look up of both basic and complex words or expressions. The book includes:

Approximately 630 Useful Expressions: most of them are conversational and organized under thematic groups, such as “about the weather”, “at the restaurant – at the bar”, etc. In this section, the expressions come with a phonetic transcription of Greek to help the user pronounce them.

Greek ->English and English->Greek index. In these indexes the user may find key lemmas (about 3600) in alphabetical order, along with their phonetic transcription and their meaning in Greek. Moreover, indexes are linked with the Greek -> English dictionary for examples of usage.

Grammar: information about the pronunciation (the International Phonetic Alphabet and how it is used in XENION), the stress, as well as some key grammar details concerning articles, nouns (and the declension for some of them), adjectives, verbs, everyday verbs etc.

Greek to English Dictionary with examples of use: Linked with the two-way indexes. The dictionary contains about 4000 entries and about 4500 meanings. The entries are not organized in alphabetical order (that ‘s what Indexes are for, after all!), but in general thematic groups. So, we have considered some situations, in which the dictionary user might find him/herself. This means, for example, that there are entries with respective examples that belong to the group “Traveling” and the sub-group “Aeroplane”, such as aeroplane, airport, airline, etc. Examples are simple, but they convey the meaning of the entry and often provide some general (cultural, social, etc) information about Greece.

The CD companion includes:

– Expression search capability
– Pronunciation of Greek words (computerized)
– Greek words' inflexions
– Phonetic transcription of Greek words

CD minimum requirements:
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP , Processor Pentium 200 MHz or better
CD or DVD drive, Graphics Card with 1024×768 resolution and 16-bit color depth, sound card, 64MB RAM, and 60MB disk space




Pages: 467

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