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Odos Grammatikis / Οδός γραμματικής


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Odos Grammatikis


Your companion when learning modern Greek


This is a Greek language book which presents the most important grammar topics of Modern Greek in a simple, user-friendly manner.


In fact, it is a grammar guide, suitable for:
• those who are learning Greek as a second or foreign language
• those who teach it to Greeks or speakers of other languages
• native speakers who would prefer to refer to a grammar book as uncomplicated as possible


The book contains the following units:
• Articles                • Verbs
• Nouns                  • Participles/Gerunds
• Adjectives            • Prepositions
• Adverbs               • Sentences
• Pronouns


All topics are presented through:
✓ clearly phrased rules
✓ analytical tables
✓ realistic examples
✓ categorized exceptions
✓ simple clarifications on difficult points
✓ warnings for avoiding common errors


At the end of the book one will find a concise guide of orthography as well as
a glossary in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Arabic.


Panaiotis Makropoulos
Machi Montzoli
Nikos Roubis
Viviana Tzovara




ISBN : 9789607914439
Size : 20.5 x 28.0 cm


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