Mystika Orthografias / Μυστικά Ορθογραφίας
Lelia Panteloglou

Mystika Orthografias / Μυστικά Ορθογραφίας


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GREEK LANGUAGE BOOK This is a novel approach to the orthography (correct spelling) of Modern Greek. It makes the choice of the correct letter an easy task. It consists of two books, which are addressed to (a) speakers of other languages who are learning Modern Greek and (b) native speakers (school or university students, professionals etc.) who are uncertain about an aspect (or more) of its orthography. In addition to pertinent rules, the first book contains a concise description of the phonological system and a brief grammar of Modern Greek. The second book (not published yet) is further supplemented with the stress system used today, hyphenation, use of upper case, and punctuation. Includes written exercises at the end of each unit as well as answer key.

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